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Logo design.

When The Compliance Team came to us, they wanted to take their 17-year-old company to the next level. They had created a Medicare accreditation organization with a national client list. But now it was time to create a more professional and memorable brand that could compete with “the big guys” in their field.

The Challenge

The Compliance Team wanted to change their image from a “mom and pop” to that of a strong, national, trustworthy accreditation organization who could compete with other accreditation firms throughout the country. The first step was to update the identity. We discussed how the logo needed to establish a consistent brand that here-to-for had not been implemented.

The Solution

The Compliance Team bases their accreditation process on the three fundamental characteristics of patient care: Safety, Honesty, and Caring. We developed a flag icon with three colors representing each of these characteristics. We selected an easy-to-read font, Helvetica Neue Condensed italic to convey a clean, contemporary brand.

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