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Brand name and logo.

We were asked to create a brand for a US manuka honey manufacturer. We needed a name and identity that would quickly convey the healing powers of this very special honey.

The Challenge

There are a number of companies selling Manuka Honey in the United States. Some even offer the medicinal variety for wound care. Our task was to help our client stand apart from the competition with a unique name, logo, website, and overall brand message.

The Solution

We selected the name Honey For Healing to make it completely clear what the product is and what it does. We chose to use an icon that included the bee that makes the product possible. From there we carried a honey color, with clean layout and simple typography to ensure that our message is conveyed quickly and easily. The copy used throughout the website reinforces our desire to give the company a friendly, welcoming, and informative position in the marketplace.

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Honey for Healing website

Using clean, simple graphics, we built an e-commerce site for this growing startup.

Visit the site.

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